Are you new to selling on Amazon, or have you been selling for a while and found that the products you are selling have little or no profit? Sellers often launch product after product hoping to make a profit without fully understanding the cost involved with selling on Amazon.

What if you could determine how likely a product is to succeed before purchasing inventory and spending countless hours getting your product launched?

FBA PROFIT CRUNCH is an Amazon FBA Excel spreadsheet that goes beyond the standard tools offered by Amazon. You’ll be able to assess all of the cost associated with selling a product so you can see beforehand if a particular product has the potential to be a success.

No product is a sure thing, but knowing your numbers can help set you up for success.

Top sellers know their numbers. Now you will too!

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Enter Product Details

Start by adding your estimated number of units sold per month, average selling price, packaging weights and dimensions.

FBA Profit Crunch will automatically calculate the proper Amazon FBA size tier and estimated annual gross sales.

Discover Your Landing Cost

Input your purchasing cost, estimated shipping cost, additional assembly or manufacturing cost, and factor in estimates for marketing and insurance. Links to external tools help you estimate shipping and import duties.
Know Your Fees
  1. Detailed breakdown of Amazon FBA Fees
  2. Automatic referral fee % lookup based on category 
  3. Estimate short term storage fees based on average number of units held at FBA
  4. Estimate long term storage fees based on aged inventory estimates
  5. Quick “Reference” links bring you to Amazon’s detail page for each section

Fixed Top Bar

Profit and Margin summary bar remains fixed as you scroll through the calculations so you can instantly see how changes impact your numbers.

Profit & Expense Summary

See your estimated profits and expenses condensed into a single summary along with graphical pie charts. With FBA Profit Crunch you can rest easy knowing you are taking a calculated risk.

Hints & Tips

Hover over the red triangles to expose in depth comments and detailed instructions

Cross Platform Compatible

Works on desktop, tablet, and mobile versions of Microsoft Excel so you can run your numbers while on the go!

What Other FBA Sellers Are Saying…

This tool allows me to quickly run cost analysis before purchasing inventory and launching a product.

It goes beyond the standard calculator offered by Amazon and breaks out my cost in great detail.

Using the tool I can easily estimate how many units per month I need to sell in order to break even. It would have taken me a significant amount of time to put something like this together on my own.

FBA Profit Crunch has paid for itself many times over.

Kevin Rambke

Owner, KMR Enterprises

Totally worth the money!

I realized that I needed a more precise way to understand what my profits are, and how much I am really spending on fees.

As anyone who is a seller on Amazon will know — the fees quickly add up. I think for me, the most useful section is the Amazon related fees section b/c it forced me to go back to Amazon and find out what these costs were.

I’ve gotten tons of value from this calculator. Nothing like it exists for Amazon sellers.

Claire Tak

Consultant, Tak Sisters Company, LLC



No annual or monthly fees. Just a one time purchase and you are licensed to use and modify the spreadsheet indefinitely. A license key and password to unprotect the visible Worksheets is provided via email as part of the order confirmation. Get updates free of charge when we release new versions.

System Requirements
Microsoft Excel 2010 or later or current mobile versions of Excel. Calculations are for selling on Amazon US under the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program.


Price: $29.97

Sale: $19.97

You Save: $10.00 (33.3%)

- Calculate size tier based on weight and dimensions

- Estimate your landed cost

- Input insurance, start up cost, and operating cost

- Get a clear picture of your Amazon FBA fees

- Determine your Break Even Selling Price

- Know your estimated ROI

- Calculate estimated profit and loss

- Unlock calculation worksheets

- View formulas

- View and modify lookup table worksheet

- Make your own modifications