Who is SellerGizmos?

Welcome to our site! SellerGizmos was created after receiving feed back and encouragement from several Amazon sellers in our local San Francisco meet up groups.

Initially we designed and patented a device in the dermatology space. The product was going to require a significant investment in time and tooling cost so we built a detailed Excel calculator to determine if the cost model was favorable enough to move forward. We like taking risk but it always needs to be a calculated risk!

We shared an early version of the calculator with local sellers and it had a warm reception. After seeing several sellers launch products that did not turn a profit, we felt it would be beneficial to offer our tool to other sellers so they would stand a better chance of success.

Based on that, FBA Profit Crunch was born. It is our first tool geared towards helping Amazon FBA sellers. We hope you find it to be useful and wish you success in your business.

The SellerGizmos Team