Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How can I re-download a copy of the file for my purchase?

Locate your original purchase confirmation email, which should have come from, and find your transaction ID. Then, complete and submit the form below. If you are still having issues then please use the form on this support page to contact us.

I purchased an "UNLOCKABLE" version of FBA PROFIT CRUNCH. How can I unlock the worksheets?

The password to unlock the worksheets was contained in the original confirmation email you received after purchasing. Unlocking the worksheets is a feature of Excel. Here are the steps to unlock:

1) Select the worksheet you want to unlock.

2) Select the “Review” option from the Excel tool bar.

3) Next, click the “Unprotect Sheet” option.

4) Enter the password that was provided in the email and click the “OK” button.
The worksheet should now be unlocked and fully editable.

Steps to unlock the worksheet

My spreadsheet seems slow to use on my computer?

Some users have noted the spreadsheet seems slow when accessing it directly from their Google drive. If you experience this issue then we recommend storing your file locally and opening it and accessing it directly from your local hard drive.


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